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    george foreman grills

    i know this isn't true grilling but when its 10 degrees outside its better than ruining a good steak in the broiler. i will pull a frozen streak out of the freezer before i go to work and put it in the fridge. when you get home it should be partially frozen in the middle. rub butter and montreal steak seasoning on it and throw it in. you can leave it on long enough to get the outside done and dark, but since you started with the middle frozen it won't dry out.

    i've found they are one of the best ways to cook tuna steaks

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    Foreman's work like a champ but are a PITA to clean....I like the ones where the cooking surface can be taken out and washed.
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    I got one as a gift once and threw it out with the garbage.
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    I have one of the larger George Forman grills. Their great for using in the winter when you dont want to trug through the snow to the barbacue.

    Great for pork chops, burgers , chicken ..... whatever

    Clean up, no problem, just put warm water in it and turn it on a couple minutes ......... it steams everything loose.

    I just make sure I dont let it set too long after I eat ....... which I never do. I hate dirty dishes or pots and pans laying around. I clean up after every meal.

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    Yeah, we have one of the originals and still use it fairly often. I love to cook hamburgers in it, but it works for about everything.

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    Grilled cheese and (what ever- ham, bologna etc.) sandwiches come out really good on the old GFG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokin68 View Post
    Foreman's work like a champ but are a PITA to clean....I like the ones where the cooking surface can be taken out and washed.
    You are right about Forman's grill being hard to clean. What grill has a removable surface. Really like to know.


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    I got one of these and I hardly have to leave the Computer,

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    We use GFG for lotsa stuff. Sure keeps the splatter down when cooking bacon
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    Apparently Hulk Hogan was first offered the endoresment for this grill but he and his manager decided he should endorse a blender mixer instead.

    I have a Procter/Silex indoor grill and its great for a quick hamburger or small steak in the winter.

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    Have an older one in the RV that I use the towel method on....Wife got me one that the plates come off for christmas. Like the cleaning part, but still have problems with the t-stat and timer functions. Huh,,just read my post. Doesn't make sense. Plates don't just come off at Christmas. Plates can be removed any ol time. Don't try to broil a steak if the plates are in the dishwasher! LOL
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    My mother in law gave us one - I cooked one grilled cheese on it - now it's somewhere in the small appliance graveyard beside the chopper and some juicer thing.
    I have a frying pan.....

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