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    montreal steak seasoning

    i am addicted to the stuff. mix it in your burgers or rub it on your steaks. it makes even cheap cuts of meat amazing.

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    Great stuff even makes a good roast rub. Meatloaf with it is killer too
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    You can make your own. Coarse kosher/ sea salt, dill seed, garlic (fresh ofcouse) and fresh cracked black pepper.
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    I used to do a recipe with one of them, can't recall what exact seasoning it was but it was kinda spicey. This was a bachelor's recipe and involved no actual measureing, also sometimes i'd have fresh garlic

    Stew beef cut into small cubes.
    fresh onion chopped up any ole way you like it

    cook the chopped onions in a bit of butter until they get a lil tender, remove from heat and add the beef. didn't always precook the onions.

    season with the spicey montreal seasoning and some lawrys seasoned salt add a couple tblspoons of water, cover and simmer till the meat is cooked to your liking. stir occasionally, make sure you don't boil off all the water or overcook the meat.

    remove the meat and onions, add corn starch or flour to the water and other stuff left in the saucepan to make a gravy

    sometimes i'd include some worchestershire sauce while simmering
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    Montreal Steak seasoning is pretty good, and can turn lesser cuts of meat into something edible.
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    I've been addicted to that stuff for 10 years!

    The marinade recipe on the bottle is good with steaks!

    Let the steak marinade a couple hours and throw on a charcoal grill!
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