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    The War On Our Doorsteps

    Please read because its the state of affairs at the moment, and it will get worst as time goes by. If this doesnt galvanize us to demand that we secure our borders, whatever the means, it will come to haunt us.

    A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.
    Lysander Spooner

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    i think its allready here. i just think its something that we just hope will go away
    I dont warranty Tinkeritus

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    It's already too late. The second link article seemed so bizarre as to be almost unbelievable. Until I remembered watching the marches and the Mexican flags and wondering what in heck made them think they had ANY 'rights' other than to get the hale out of the United States.
    Then within the span of a week their 'plight' became the number one priority of 'our' leaders in Washington, to my chagrin.

    With our trade laws causing jobs to be lost by the thousands and thousands, while we're mired in a war we can't get out of, while we have no workable foreign policy, no health care for many of our citizens, an active ongoing attack on our own constitution and even religion hijacked by a political party, these azzhole illegal MF'rs were TOP priority.

    An old friend made a comment to me a few weeks back that was one of those things that sort of 'stick' in your head. The kind of little statement that's like a briar in your finger.
    He said ''Well, I'm glad that my race is just about over" as we talked about the things that old men talk about. Religion, politics, morality and the 'serious' things we'd both seen such radical change in.

    Maybe I'm just old and cynical but I don't forsee the situation ever getting better.
    The more I see the more I agree with that odd statement. I'm glad that my race is just about over.

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    Message: "Hey you ignorants. Why dont you report YOURSELFS .lol. You white people are the real illegals! When did you have a passport to come into my ancestors land?! Get a life and REABUILD YOUR MAYFLOWER so you can go back the cockasian hills were you ALL belong!" This illiterate wasn't happy sending just that one, a few minutes later, he sent another: "F**K U GRINGOS VIVA MEXICO!!!!!"
    This e-mail was priceless!! Aparrently this guy does not realize that he too indeed is Caucasian...

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