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    Webber Kettle Grills

    Personally I will have to say that the Webber Kettle Grill is the best, most perfect grilling devise ever created! I would not buy anything smaller than a 22-1/2" kettle grill. It's dome shape is perfect. It has better air adjustments. It is easier to smoke on a charcoal grill vs. gas grills with smoker pouch/drawer. Gas has some nice advantages, easier to clean up, burns clean etc. But for the perfect authentic BBQ flavor, nothing beats live fire! Also I shudder at the thought of using Kingsford briquettes with all of that lighter fluid! Natural lump charcoal, using a chimney starter is the only way to grill! For more information:

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    I have not used the Webber Kettle for soo long, We were at a friend had a BBQ andI forgot how good stuff are that comes off of it.

    I've been spoiled with the gas for 10 some years, and now I am tempted to look into getting the Webber to use time to time when I have time to start the hot bed of coal.

    One thing I do want to say, DO NOT use the Matchlight coal if you need to add more coal to the hot fire..... You can taste the lighter fluid! YUCK!

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    Got a large and small version.I agree they are awesome !!!!
    i belong to peta ... people eating tasty animals. all my opinions are just mine.

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    I only use Webber kettle grill. Mine has a propane lighter for use with a chimney for the coal. I HATE cooking on gas outside - It's coal or nothing for me. And i use the old fashioned Kingsford charcoal briquettes.

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    i bounce back and forth between gas and charcol. gas is nice because its quick and the propane tanks last a long time. its always ready to go. but nothing beats charcol and a webber grill.

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    I think it might be the hanging around a Weber I enjoy most

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