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    hozy KM600 AIR COOLED

    Finally bought me a new machine got tired of fixing junk, only problem is I think hozys are kind of over rated
    I know a KM600 is a 500 lb machine but this makes 10lbs every 44mins do the math, its not even close
    I also have alot of minerals in the water but I think it should do a little better ambient 80 to 85 on average.
    I also rigged a 5ton heat exchanger water condenser and ran my purge water through it in opposite directions but it did not make a big differnce.
    what I need is suggestions we have some km 600 s out here at work but I have never had to work on one because they are so dependble PMs have been eliminated to run to fail typical GOVERMENT.

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    wedged in freezer shelf
    Confused by your post. Are you chilling the incoming water??
    That will extend your harvest time a great deal.

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    Check your incoming water temp, also you should filter the incoming water. In the summer water coming from water towers can climb to above 90 degrees or more. Highest I ever saw was 97. That will effect your production.

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    I always get nervous when I see the words "I Rigged".
    Every customer you take for granted today will be someone else's tomorrow.

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    don't be bad mouthin a hoshi...

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    Some basic info would help us help you
    Pressure @ freeze cycle and harvest cycle
    inlet water temp
    freeze and harvest times
    Actually your production seems pretty good

    You say you only get 10lbs every 44mins (1 drop)
    When actually this ice machine produces 14lbs per drop (stay with me here)
    14lbs per drop @ 40 mins This means 3 drops every 2 hrs
    All of this works out to 504lbs per day!!!!!! They spec 592lbs
    So youre pretty close!

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