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    Unhappy McQuay Microtech passwords

    Does anyone know the highest level password for the Microtech controller.
    I know help 4 times and +-=help. I am trying to change some set points and neither of those passwords gain me access. Please Help

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    Try The Year The Unit Was Made Like 2007

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    Frown I hate secret squirrel passwords.

    If this is the Microtech 280 panel, do what you did, but push the + twice.
    The first push is to get to the point where you can put the rest of the X pattern in. It always p'd me off to not be able to get to settings for things like locking out remote set point changes.

    If it's the Microtech II panel the user level is 100, and the next one up is 2001.

    I haven't managed to steal the rest of it yet for the Microtech II.

    Somebody said it had to do with the number of the letter in the alphabet for "McQuay" but I haven't had the time to crack the top secret code yet.

    If I ever do they'll come after me in the middle of the night and dump oil all over me.
    God Bless our Veterans

    God Bless the USA

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    like low pressure guy said. on the AGZ chillers the highest level, or manager password was approximately 2000-and-something.

    I have an unrelated question about the Microtech. On this AGZ050, I could not use multiples of the offset range to adjust the temp sensor reading, where with a Schreiber chiller (same Microtech II), I could offset for a pressure with multiples of the entire offset range to tighten up the pressure reading.
    In this case, the Schreiber condenser pressure reading was like 200 psi off of measured (with gauges). I'm gauging at 200 on a freq drive, reading like 398. So it's maximum offset value was like 40. I actually went down to 40, and the value keeps rolling, so I wound up going to 40 like 5 times, like 200 total. Are ya with me? So the Microtech then offset the pressure reading like 200 psi, but it was in the wrong direction. Now my pressure sensor says like 598. So I fixed that all up by offsetting the value like 400 or whatever it took to line up the value with what my gauges read and everything is now honky-dorey.

    But with the Microtech II on the McQuay AGZ chiller, for the leaving evaporator water temperature I could not use multiples of the entire offset range. I could only offset it 5* total, never more than 5*, even if I accepted the change, went all the way out of the field, and reentered it to try again. So I had tried to use say 10 groups of 5* to offset the temp 50*, but it would only offset 5*F.
    Oh well, that LEWT sensor was replaced, and everything is everything there now too.
    What else is the Microtech II operating?
    If I find out further about passwords, I'll post later.
    It's great to be alive and pumping oxygen!

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    2001 is right

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    2001 is right on the AGZ's only .

    Doc , you can not offset the sensors more than 5F . If offsetting it 5F does not do the trick for you , replace the sensor and be done with it !

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