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Thread: Trane Troubles

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    Trane Troubles

    Hope some of you experts can help with this problem I have had with new Trane XV90 gas furnace, XR13 heatpump, cleanefffects and tayplus103a heat pump kit. Had this system installed a few monts ago and problems since day one. My contractor has made numerous trips and still not right. That is issue number 1. They are a local Trane dealer here in small town West Virginia. I have had to have them back for every aspect of the job. What are my options regarding Trane warranty as I am dissatisfied with them and would like to go with a different Trane authorized dealer. They come and try to make things right but cant seem to make the system work. Since day one the cleaneffects air filter has not worked. The unit indicates that it is working . The green led slowly flashes but I am getting dust buildup in house and on blower wheel and family coughs when unit runs. It appears that dust will not stick to collection cells and just passes through. Tech has relaced field charger (I can smell ozone when it is on so assume it is charging) power door also passed the arcing screwdriver test the tech performed. I removed the collection cells and currently have a 1 inch filter installed against opening (taped) into furnace. I beleive that the collection cells hold dust by having some electric charge passed through them when they are in the unit otherwise the dust would blow right through. Is there a test to make sure these cells are getting the charge needed to trap dust particles. Tech (co-owner of company) is baffled as to what the problem is and basically unable to correct problem. His partner has clean effects installed and also apparently having same problem. As a test I ran unit with collection cells out and paper filter taped in place against opening to furnace. Unit led flashes green as though everything is working right. Is this normal? or shouldnt unit indicate that there is a problem?
    Big problem # 2 is when I started the ac unit on a hot day I noticed it took a long time to cool and after a while i switched thermostat off and the furnace was running. Couldnt get it to shut off so I turned gass off to furnace and called tech who was unavailable(weekend) . Was finally able to get furnace to stop trying to run by going to thermostat (Honeywell focuspro TH5000) and putting into system test mode and shutting fan and heat off that way. This appeared to reset everything back to normal. Tech has been out twice and checked wiring and connections and changed out a component on the heat pump kit (tayplus103a). Problem persists. furnace and ac want to both come on with a call for cool. He is bringing a new thermostat to try and see if that helps next visit. Any advice as to how to fix these problems greatly appreciated by myself and my tech . Btw very much impressed with the level of professionalism and help offered by most on this board. Thanks in advance for any advice.
    Best Regards, Koja

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    Number 1) Call Trane

    Number 2) Have them come to the site, diagnose, and follow up

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    They'd be better off with a th8320, th8321, or th9421.

    The above stats are duel fuel stats and don't require the duel fuel control they added.
    Much easier to trouble shoot.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
    They'd be better off with a th8320, th8321, or th9421.
    The above stats are duel fuel stats and don't require the duel fuel control they added.Much easier to trouble shoot.
    I agree for sure!

    ever since the honeywell 8000 series came out, gone are the days of a outdated dual fuel kit!

    tell them to 86 (get rid of) the dual fuel kit and install a honeywell 8000 or the t-stats stated above!

    ofcourse it will take a qualified installer or even better yet a service tech to configure the t-stat properly!


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