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    It works used both on A/c and refrigeration Years ago I had a hussman 5 door freezer the defrost heater shorted out to evap coil 3/4 Alum tubing used this method cust had the casas another 4years never added another drop of gas. And the best part is I saved this peice of coil in my truck.One day I was at the supply house the guy from turbo tourch was there showing off his alum soulder we made another hole in the coil he could not fix it
    My unit has a leak on the high pressure aluminum condenser coil. Would the clamp made by combining the saddle valves work for this as well? Do you suggest any specific brand?
    I'm looking at this one:

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    They sell a repair kit that's a short piece of pipe with compression fittings on both ends. It was designed for the copper to aluminum connection where the coil meets the liquid or hot gas line but I'll bet it will work on a straight section of coil also.

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    Trane has two different size repair kits for their al cond coils- GE is Trane now.

    I've used the splice kit to repair one that had a hole rubbed in the line on the bottom. cut out damaged section and rejoined the two ends. That unit was 20 yrs old and they wanted to patch it.
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    stay brite with the alum flux think it melts at a little over 400*

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