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    Out Of Business Monday

    I've toted up about half of my parts inventory, and expect to complete the sale of my fireplace repair business Monday.

    I guess I completed my last work for pay on Thursday, when I did the needed maintenance on three gas fireplaces for a guy who was just moving into a home he had purchased.

    It feels a little strange selling off those parts. They've been part of the way I've earned my living for a number of years now.

    On the other hand, I still have lots of dead inventory for the furnace repairs I used to do. How to get rid of that stuff I haven't yet figured out.

    I also have a vacant rental property that's costing me $50/day in lost rent, so I'm shaking my rear trying to get that done too, plus I'm working on organizing a seminar on recruiting Cub Scouts for Pack leaders in the area June 21st.

    So I'm busier than I want to be. Where's all the leisure that's supposed to go along with retirement?

    Seattle Pioneer

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    I'll give you two, maybe three month before you will have a wrench in your hand again. Going over to Spokane next weekend to celibrate an old service buddies federal govt retirement of 35 years. He's already talking about spending time over here working with me.
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    You wouldn't happen to know where I could get the blower controls for Heat N Glo blowers would ya?

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    The rheostat for the GFK-160A ?

    Get it from any HNG dealer, they can order just that part. We have bunchs of them laying around at our store because with the WSK-MLT you don't need it, all the techs save them speed controls. If you only need one I could mail it.

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    Wishing you the best. I was a cub scout in Seattle....a long long time ago

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by SeattlePioneer View Post
    So I'm busier than I want to be. Where's all the leisure that's supposed to go along with retirement?
    Seattle Pioneer

    Seattle, I've been mostly retired for 2 years now. It's excellent!

    But if it's leisure time (as in "nothing to do") you're looking for, it may not happen. It's well said, "nature abhors a vacuum", and new activities soon fill any gaps. I've been reading, travelling, home renovating, sailing, gardening, hanging out with friends, taking photographs, hiking, assisting family,and still some working. Always have been interested in the trade, and still learning.

    What I secretly feared when I retired was that I'd run out of things to do and find myself killing time watching TV. Hasn't happened thank goodness, and now I know it won't.

    I never thought of retirement as an end of activity, but rather just a change of direction. There'll be lots of time for leisure when we're in the ground.

    You sound like you've got some good things on your plate. I wish you a long, satisfying, productive, and enjoyable retirement. All the best.
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    Unhappy Huge loss

    Seattle Pioneer, this is truly a great loss for our industry. I only hope that at some point, the bug bites you (after an appropriate break) and you find some way to get involved in hearth service education. You have too much knowledge and experience to take to the grave with you. Please share with us but most of all, enjoy your time with family and friends. Thanks for sharing here with us and making our lives better as we try to make things better for others.

    Farewell old friend,

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    All the best to you and your family Seattle, enjoy your retirement!

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    Seattle,you will be missed,I have been letting you do all the heavy lifting on this site for quite a while as you have been so enthusiastic.God bless,Lyle.
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