This is a recipe I have been using for 35 years don't know where I got it. This is a recipe I started using to seduce young ladies, I would make it for their birthdays and did it ever work.

Ok here goes this kind be expensive to make and you have a great deal of latitude on the ingredients. I usually make a very large batch because of the cost and eat it for a week. It can be eaten hot or cold for breakfast lunch dinner or snack. The taste improves after a few days as the flavors fully blend.


Clean and skin whole chicken
Place chicken and skin in large pot (I use 3-gallon) with water salt to taste several bay leaves garlic (power salt or cloves again to taste).
Add black pepper, cayenne pepper and marjoram (to taste)
Bring to boil and skim foam from water.
Remove chicken and skin strain broth.

In strained broth cook enough rice for size of batch. Here you can use white rice or type you like. I use Mahatmas flavored rice’s usually Yellow and Saffron some times wild rice.

Clean the Chicken meat from the bones and add to the cooked rice.

Depending upon your taste pick and choose from the following items.

Boiled shrimp
Fish pieces
Ham pieces
Lobster pieces
Crab pieces
I frequently use imitation lobster and crabmeat taste fine and is much cheaper than the real thing.

I personally don't always use ham or oysters but have used them just creates a different taste.

Baby Corn
Artichoke hearts can also use heart of Palm
Green peas/English peas
Mushrooms bits (green giants in the glass jars)
Sliced black olives
Stewed tomatoes
These are the basic vegetables I use you can add any vegetable you prefer

Take all ingredients and mix together adding RoTel Green Chiles and Tomatoes to taste there are several types from mild to very hot. Mix in a can or two of condensed soup (Cream of Celery, Mushroom, Chicken or Shrimp)

Place the mixture in casserole and bake in Oven for twenty to thirty minutes at 250 275 degrees till hot.

You have to judge how much RoTel and Stewed tomatoes and how long to cook depending how liquid you want you the end product. I like mine to be fairly thick and crusty.

Enjoy just writing this has made me want to make some for Memorial Day.