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    Quote Originally Posted by MechTech2013 View Post
    A restaurant owner asked me why I was selling him a pilot generator for $65 when he knows it costs $35. I tell him just as I can buy a six pack of Bud/Coors/Miller for $6. I tell him I also know that he doesn't get those beers for $1. Just as he sells them for $3.50, other places sell them for $3, $2.50, or $2. The choice us mine, just as for servicing his equipment - the choice is his.
    Besides that, his markup (percentage-wise) on that beer is greater than your markup of that generator. "But HEY! All he has to do is pluck it out of the cooler, open it and set it in front of you!"

    Of course, if the roles were reversed and YOU wanted that beer...brought to you from across town, he could've taken the order through a paid dispatcher, driven from a prior customer's location, stopped by his warehouse to pick it up (he just used his last one), driven across town in his costly, gas-guzzling van to bring it in to you at your established beer-drinking location...but ONLY after somebody finally answered the door.
    Then, while dealing with the normal, daily chaos and confusion created by your screaming wife, with kids and pets running around and bumping into him...he tries to choreograph your beer intake in timed intervals to the football game you're watching and to the normal business of your family's traffic all around you so he's that not presenting too much of an intrusion...until all of that beer he's delivered has been consumed. THEN, he awaits your expected feedback results (!) in order to deem that beer as a satisfactory and fully functional installation.

    He was there longer than he expected it would take and he had to settle in next to you...sitting on the floor...for proper access in completing the task. He never mentions how disgustingly filthy your floor or furniture are since that's a typical part of the job that he encounters everyday.

    Following that, and after inquiring about any other issues he may address, he writes up and presents you with the bill.

    If he DID have to do all that, then YOU could complain to HIM about the trip charge, labor rates, the amount of TIME he included for the labor...and the standard 2x markup he charged you for that beer!

    HERE, HERE...!
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    "You never know what others don't know." -

    If I can't laugh at myself...then I'll laugh at YOU! -

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    If you tell a pizza place a story like that they just tell you to eff off, because they charge the same whether you eat there, pick it up yourself, or get it delivered.

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    Find the books on ebay. Don Walker has 2 books. One on gas cooking and another on electrical cooking. Easy read, good to start out with!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECtofix View Post
    There may be six people occupying the wet, greasy floor in front of the equipment you came to fix…but they need it fixed NOW. So the manager tells you "YES! Fix it!" Yet those six people will work around you as if you’re not there or act like you’re a really a pain in their A$$. Even without their help by dropping eggshells, grease, marinara sauce and who knows what else one you…you're gonna get nasty. Oh...the flattened box you fashioned to guard your rump from their nasty floor...will get walked all over by them and will need replaced if you relinquish that real estate for a minute to get a tool or a part.

    Or…the space gets all put back together with their stuff because they thought you were done.

    Or….they try to use the equipment…WHILE you’re working on it.

    Or…you’re in the zone for that delicate moment when you need to make a telling voltage reading…when, from the graces of “culinary school,” someone yells the cautionary statement “BEHIND YOU” as they bump you into the equipment you’re working on.

    Or…in the aforementioned scenario…somebody drops a pan (noisy…very noisy) J-U-S-T at the moment you were finessing into making electrical contact with your test leads.

    This, so many times this. By far the best wisdom here. Cooks hate you, managers love it when you show up and freak at the bill. Do not extend credit to anyone. Pay now or I take my parts and leave. Greasy nasty crap hole working conditions.

    I quit hot side work years ago. Still get roped into the odd steam table element or pizza conveyer chain replacement but they gotta beg long and hard to get me to cave.

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    Only certain brave souls actually like the trash work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MechTech2013 View Post
    Only certain brave souls actually like the trash work!
    I work for a company that does both HVAC refrigeration. And all kitchen equipment. The best I advice I can give is to keep the techs separate otherwise they will get ran down quick, running from an ice cream machine. To oven to AC call to a hot dog roller to a walk in. To a dishwasher. pretty much 70% of the customers will want it fixed immediately and don't give a s*** about you or how long it would take to fix something they will keep on cooking and dropping Grease right over the top of you. *coming from a tech currently looking for a new job* good luck

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