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Thread: hobart parts

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    If your walking up to the parts counter ask to see their manual of the model you are working on. If they give you that look or sigh when you ask then ask for the parts manager. That's what I do and then I proceed to tell him if that was my employee he would be out back sweeping up instead of interacting with the customers! There is no minimum with will calls but they do have one for shipping plus a very large handling fee.

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    Hobart can be a pain because they do not give any kind of discount to anyone. If you are getting a discount its either because the List price they are discounting off is their cost doubled or they are not OEM. They take FOREVER to get parts from. This is a line we carry and we are familiar with so if anyone needs any help with this you can call my customer service line and they can help you with any tech support you need.


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