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    Exclamation Need Specs for Late Model Keeprite Central Air System

    Hello I've come across an unopened unused 3 ton Keeprite Central Air System

    The only # i managed to write down off of the box was SSC-36-1D

    I'm just curious to know of what the SEER might be on this dated unit...10 maybe 12?

    I believe the 36 in their is for BTU rating. The owner told me he had purchased the unit almost 10yrs ago but never installed it and it has been kept in his basement ever since.

    I am not sure if this unit is even for me it may also be too big.

    I have 1 level plus basment to cool. A rough sq foot measurement is about 1218'.25" and then if I was to double that for the basement it would be 2,436'.5" sq ft.

    The upstairs is the main reason for cooling. The house faces the east and the windows get a good blast of sun in the morning and then again from the west when setting. The windows are below average for efficiency. This information alone is not enough to determine if the unit is enough for me But I'd like some input if someone wouldnt mind offering some up.



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    maybe but maybe not

    location of home and amount of insulation glass etc all will factor into the problem

    do a load calculation or have one done

    it might woork on a newer home in Seattle but might not in vagas or texas

    it might work in oregon but not in florida

    good luck with that one - hope you didn't pay too much - it may just be worth scrap metal - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Thanks for your response....havent purchased yet but am interested....until i get more info about the unit..and the proper calculations done im not sure i will be going ahead. I believe i can get this unit though if i need for 300 to 400 CDN


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