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    Recent grad looking for work in Fresno area

    Hello all,

    I recently graduated from the HVAC program at Institute of Technology program in Clovis CA. I have been having a hard time finding work, I believe because of my driving record. I had a DUI in April 2000. I figured that it was long ago enough that it wouldn't matter too much, but I guess I was wrong. I have defineltly learned my lesson. I never drove drunk again after that, and now I don't even drink at all anymore. Since then the only thing on my driving record was running a stop sign, which was in 2004.

    So my question is, is there anyway that I can get a job as a service tech driving a company vehicle with a DUI on my driving record, or am I just wasting my time applying for those type of jobs?

    Another question: does anyone here know of someplace where I can get a job with a place that will be willing to train me, I have no HVAC work experience, just school, that would not require me to drive?

    any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanx.

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    Well, first off I would be as upfront about the whole thing with potential employers as you have here. I've known some ex rageing drunks who have been hired again partly because they DID tell the boss about it without being asked. If they have to hear about it from the background check service or the Insurance Co then it's gonna look like you're hiding it and they're gonna wonder what else you have to hide.

    You might want to consult an attorney about getting it off your record. If you have otherwise been a model citizen and just had this one screwup they may be able to do something for you.

    Answer to second question: Facilities maint at a plant or large apt complex. As long as you can get yourself to work you're good to go.

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    It is going to be really hard to find a good company that will put you in a truck right now but you have options. I would try a union shop that is looking for installers. commercial refrigeration would be a good start. you usually drive your own vehicle to the job site and you could get into the apprenticeship. The construction side is a good place to start for new techs and it will buy you time until your record clears up. I would go to UA local 250 in fresno and talk to them. I am not trying to steer you towards the union but I know a couple guys in your situation and thats what they did. I would also call around non union as well, Just send your resume out a lot and see what happens. I have also heard of company's letting you pay a portion of your insurance and putting you in a truck.
    Good luck

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