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    Replace Trane EAC with Pleated Filters

    I got tired of cleaning the electronic air cleaner and replacing it with standard filters. Questions:

    - I assume I need both the 5" media filter (BAYFTFR17M) and 1" prefilter (BAYFTFR17P), correct?

    - Are there any potential problems that could arise from different degree of airflow across the standard filters opposed to the EAC?

    - How often should I replace the 5" filter?


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    I'd dump the prefilter.. it now offers no benefit. Watch your media and get an idea of how soon it gets dirty. I have some customers (elderly, living in a perfectly kept home) that change it every 18 months or so. I also have customers who's ducts are not well sealed, own a lot of pets, have a lot of traffic, who need to change them every month or more often. The 5" pleats are supposed to offer little resistance to air flow but they do restric more than the EAC. I'd put one in, dump the prefilter, and call a tech for a routine service. Then he/she can verify airflow, superheat, delta T, etc. That way you can head off any potential problems that a restriction in air flow can create.
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    I thought I would keep the 1" prefilter and change it often (monthly) so as to increase the life of the 5" media filter. But if it won't help, or could restrict airflow even more, I guess that's not a good idea.

    It's tough to know by visual inspection if the filter needs changing. It is covered with gray dust after 6 months but it is not very thick. I changed it just in case.

    I haven't noticed any performance issues; the system is working well. I have not had a checkup since the system was installed in 2002 (I clean the outside unit and change filters myself) so I guess it would not hurt to get a tech. Problem is, most companies around here don't want to maintain a system they didn't install, and my installer went out of business...

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    Having a prefilter could be too restrictive,I wouldn't do it without testing.If you have multiple return grilles ,they could be changed to ones that hold pre-filters ,that should be more filter area ,less restriction.

    You could add one of these,there are less costly ones as well.

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