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Thread: Xl15c

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    Short term the XL15C might be the best choice for you especially if your distributor is more comfortable helping you with it, but long term the Spyder is the only answer. It does not have the limitations of the XL15C and is half the cost.

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    Not yet .

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    lonspec is a very limited program but works well if you use it as intended. it was my intro to ddc programming about 3 years ago. its cheap and if you are creative you can do most basic control apps. the more sophisticated controls people on this site have discovered its limitations and recognize its weaknesses. but if you need to do a small vav system with a couple of rtu's and maybe some boilers and pump control you will find it is more than adequate. the 15c programming can be a bit confusing when you start using it because you have to bounce around between quite a few screens and you can't see all the logic in one page. there are quite a few places you can get training. i took a 4 night class sponsered by my steamfitters union that got me started and followed it up with a more advanced class held by a private trainer. i don't know where you live but if you are in the eastern part of the country i can recomend a very good instructor.
    vern peterson at provides excellent training. he's based in minesota but offers courses around the country. or contact your honeywell distributor they will lead you in the right direction.

    lonspec is sort of "lon light". the 15c is a cheap and reliablecontroller. the major drawback of lonspec in my opinion is the limited graphics and end user interface of lonstation. compared to more advanced systems it it appears pretty lame. but you have to start somewhere and it is a cheap option.

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    HUGE resource usage! Saving evaporates by using three times as many Jaces, sorry WEBS
    Go to for tips on using Syders
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulir View Post
    HUGE resource usage! Saving evaporates by using three times as many Jaces, sorry WEBS
    Go to for tips on using Syders
    Actually that is not the correct link. It is and then you need the user and pswd to login.
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