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    Hello to all.

    I am looking for a reliable and not cheap handheld thermometer. I currently have a Fieldpiece Pocket Digital Thermometer. Can you suggest a couple brands you use. I would be buying a couple of thermometers.

    Thank you

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    Manix is an importer that slaps their name on things. They have an IR gun with a plug in type K thermocouple. It is a really good product.

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    Delta trak makes the best pocket thermo I have ever used. I usually buy them in pairs. They have always been within.2 degrees of eachother out of the box, you can calibrate them, they are waterproof, the probe is smaller at the end than any other brand, and the probe is attatched to the body so it won't pull out. I service a lot of geo heat pumps, so those last two features are very important to me. You can use these things as an ice pic and they won't break.
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