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    Baxter oven ov210g2

    Upon ignition i have soot falling from the hood into the bakery area where this oven is located. I pulled the burner tube from the unit and it along with ignition rod and flame sensor is spotless. Any suggestions?
    Also checked gas pressure and its where it should be.

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    What does the flame look and sound like?

    Gas pressure was ok? What type of gas and was the unit heating when you checked?

    It's hard to fix something over the internet but more information is always better.

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    Is the stack fan running? It's supposed to have a proving switch, but I've seen them bypassed. You can check amp draw on its 115 terminal board in the upper right of the control area.

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    Found it motor was bad , thanks for the help

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    If the burner motor failed and was still firing making soot, the burner air proving switch also failed in the "closed" position. You should have check and replaced that too with the new motor. If the new motor fails and the stuck air switch allows the burner to fire with no forced air when and if the oven has a misahap, you may be the last service tech of record.

    Next service call: PM the burner and check the flame signal. Do a combustion test and inspect the heat exchanger for cracks. If you pass by do a combustion test in the baking chamber after the burner has been firing at least 5 minutes. It should be "clean" zero CO The motor was probably a problem but not THE problem regarding the soot.

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