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    a/c ideas needed for kitchen

    Went out to a house where they added a garage and then off the garage a commercial style kitchen for there cattering services. They have floor heat and now want a/c. The kitchen has a couple stoves/ovens and exhaust fans. The kitchen is about 500 sq. ft. and then a 80 sq. ft storage area, 120 sq. ft office, 80 sq. ft mechanical rm. Thought about putting a air handler in mech. rm and running ducts above drop ceiling to different rooms and running wild return above drop ceiling with egg crate returns in office and kitchen. What do you think? Any better ideas.

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    I don't know where you are and climate and such. But, A/C in a comemrcial stype kitchen is generally not a good idea because the A/C dries out the food.
    (the same thig would happen if food is left in fridge uncovered). How do I know this? I owned 4 Pizza resteraunta for 7 years. We went with giant swamp coolers.

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    You mentioned exhaust fans. Where is the makeup air coming from that these fans need to exhaust?
    I ask because in one commercial kitchen I used a packaged a/c unit to do double duty of makeup air and air conditioning. It could be either 100% outside air and sized for the cfm needed by the exhaust fans OR you can install it with dampers and a control system on the return side to modulate from 0 - 100% air from kitchen to be able to use it when the fans aren't on.
    Use the biggest hammer you like, pounding a square peg into a round hole does not equal a proper fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balystic View Post
    I don't know where you are and climate and such.
    Definitely depends on the climate... In Florida, your kitchen staff would quit if you didn't air condition the kitchen or put in some serious fans.

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