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    VisionPro IAQ T-stat replacement

    Two weeks ago, I had a new system installed to replace my 20 year old one:

    1) TUD100R9V3K - Trane 80% 2 stage furnace (variable speed)
    2) 4TWX6036B100A - Trane XL16i Heat Pump (w/RXC036S3HPD coil)
    3) TCONT803 - Trane Thermostat
    4) Aprilaire M-700 Power Humidifier
    5) Aprilaire 2200 - Media Filter

    Based on the great info and recommendations from everyone here, I'm having my contractot replace my Trane 803 T-stat with the VisionProIAQ (YTH9421C1002). I'm doing this primarily to get these advantages:

    1) control my 2 stage gas furnace versus just letting a timer control the switch from 1st to 2nd stage.
    2) better control of my heat pump/dual fuel operation (aux and hp lockout).
    3) better dehumidification process/control.

    Any special install or setup required to insure that these new controls work properly? Especially any setup issues for the dehumidifcation control?

    Is the install/setup of the IAQ very straight forward? I think he's planning to use the same outdoor thermostat used with the Trane 803. I assume that's ok.

    Should I look for anything to make sure that I get the better version #2 of the IAQ?

    Should I have my contractor hook up the AA700 so that the IAQ controls it? Currently, AA700 is not controlled by Trane 803.

    Just want to make sure that I'm not going to this trouble/cost for nothing.

    Thanks for any more advice/suggestions you can provide to make sure the new install goes well.

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    As long as he sets everything up properly in advanced setup and wires everything right, you'll have a great setup.

    Should be wired for 2 stage heat 2 stage cool. Set up for dehumidify using A/C and the dehum terminals wired properly. I'd control the 700 through it as well. Same outdoor sensor as 803. Set the changeover temp and the backup lockout temp.

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