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    what options are there if chimeny liner cannot be put in?

    My furnace was just replaced with a high efficiency one. The contract includes a chimeny liner work for water heater required by city code. However, the contractor told me that the chimeny of my house is offset inside and the 4" liner cannot be put through. To meet the city code, the contractor gives me three options, 1. repare chimeny (cost unknown), 2. add power venting on the water heater and vent through the side wall xxxx, 3. replace the water heater with a power vent one and vent through the side wall xxxx. I am wondering if some one here can tell me other cost efficient options. Thanks a lot.

    No pricing please and thank you.
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    I would go with the POWER vented water heater,it is designed for it and not rigged like the kit one.
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    Side wall vented WH and thats a great price. Although I thought you couldn't post prices.
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    dirrect vent water heater is the way to go IMO

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    Well, you could get hard nosed about it and force the heating guy to put the liner in and eat whatever additional costs. I'm just curious, what is preventing a 4" liner from passing? If it is just an offset, most liners can easily negotiate this. Is he specifying rigid liner perhaps? Everyone uses flex now.

    If you aren't into liners then your best best is to farm that work out to a chimney specialist.

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    All the options you were given have their merits.

    One he didn't give you was to install a flexible chimney liner. I'm guessing this because the only way an offset in a chimney would preclude installation of a liner would be if he's using a ridgid pipe.
    For just one of many options available for flexible liners look at this

    The option of installing a new power vented water heater you might want to consider for two reasons I used to tell my customers. #1) You get a new water heater. #2) Now that there is nothing connected to the chimney........ you can have it removed below the roof line and eliminate all the potential problems that go along with that.

    BUT..... my biggest question is what is the contractor offering you as a discount on your original contract because he's found he can't do what he originally promised he'd do??? Should go a good ways towards the purchase of a new water heater. And get another quote for installation of the same or comparable water heater from someone else just to keep him honest.
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