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    High Velocity A/C

    I had someone come yesterday to give me an estimate on the cost and installation of a conventional central air system in my home. The installation would have to be done from scratch since I don't have any ductwork or anything like that. The house is also a tricky split level built in 1965 with approximately 1750 sq ft... kind of a unique design. The fellow that came to give me the estimate explained that I would need two units since there was not a straight area in the home where he could build a distribution channel that would connect the attic to the crawlspace... unless I were to do some funky remodeling. Well, needless to say that the estimate that I got was WAY OVER what I would have ever thought it would be (over $20K!!!). I have done some further research and learned that High Velocity A/C is a lot more flexible than conventional A/C and although some parts may be a bit more expensive, the overall project could be less expensive. At the same time, HV A/C can be more efficient than conventional. Can anyone speak a bit more about this? And, does anyone know where I can go to get someone to come to my house to give me a free estimate for the acquisition and installation of High Velocity A/C? Any help you can send this way will be SUPER appreciated.


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    Are you talking about a High Velocity kit? If so this kit is basically a larger capacity Evap motor then the one that comes with the unit. It helps when the existing ductwork isn't configured correctly.

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    Not exactly, I am not talking about a kit. Check this link where someone talks about the differences between conventional vs. high velocity:

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    just about any hvac contractor should be able to give you a quote on a space pak, or otehh hi v systems. Search around on this forum to get good advice about choosing a contractor. Make sure they run a load calc. etc. Spend a little time reading opther posts here and you will be more informed consumer.

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    the materials are 4X what you will be expecting for Hi-V

    perhaps you can't afford central air, and should look at spot cooling

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    you would be talking about Unico split/system.
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