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    "More than 2,000 people posed naked in downtown Montreal for an American artist staging a nude group photo shoot authorized by local authorities. The unclothed participants laid on the ground to be photographed in 55-degree weather.
    In vomit-inducing news, the French Canadian bims of Montreal who posed naked for the picture proved their pubic-grooming habits to be more French than Canadian.

    It is still unclear why so many men allowed Jack Frost to nip at their ‘nads in the cold air. When the local authorities were asked why they permitted this to take place they answered QUOTE: “Normally, if we were expecting a great public disturbance we would not allow the event. But the artist was using a play on the words of our baseball team by calling the gathering ‘The Montreal Expose.’ And around here nobody shows up for the Expos!”"


    come to think of it, just because I got this off a website, does not prove that this is a true story. It could very well be all a big lie, in which case the title of this thread would be wrong. Our Canadian friends will have to proof this out. If it is a big lie, then I ask that Boss delete this thread, as I don't want to make mad our friends north of the border.

    ps - further research suggests that this happened May 27 2001.

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    Saw a bit of this on the 6 Oclock news awhile back. This ARTIST did something like this in NYC a few years ago but in the summer.

    So I would have to say its TRUE. But then the QUEBECERS do STRANGE THINGS and not all Canadians are like that.

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    Yes, that is a true story. I remember local news coverage about this a while back. They did this at 5:00 AM to avoid too many curious spectators. It seems the guy taking these photos does this all over the world, and Montreal was just one stop on his tour.

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