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    Dust Prevention/Elimination

    Quote Originally Posted by jbarron4 View Post
    I have two industrial control rooms where the plant control PLCs and HMI computers are located.
    This area was built with mini-splits for heating and cooling. My problem is the dust that enters the building colgging the computer filters fairly quickly.
    The mini-splits remove the humidity fairly well and I have not measured it yet, but I plan to using my SMAN3 to get wet/dry bulb temps.
    What I am planning is installing a Williams Air Sponge as a pressurizing blower to remove the humidity from the outside air and keeping the area a net positive pressure and hopefully dry.
    The Williams is rated 400 CFM @ .6". At this time I am not planning on recirculating the dehumidifier air, but core drilling one 8" hole in the poured concrete block wall for the supply.
    We are located North of Mobile, AL> on the Alabama River and humidity IS a problem with condensing fog nearly every morning.
    We have plenty of cooling, but we need a positive pressure to keep the mill dust out. As a part of the installation we are planning on adding a plenum with filters in addition to the filter supplied with the Williams unit.
    Any observations or experineces to share?


    JDB Zehnder Group is new to the states but has had significant success in Europe in completely eliminating Dust issues in all sorts of commercial/industrial environments. There is no capital outlay and the systems are remarkably affordable.
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    Is it practical to install independent air supply to rest room area to satisfy extract volumes, with filtration etc..

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