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Thread: v83 vs mpo

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    v83 vs mpo

    hello guys

    pretty sure i need to buy a new forced hot water boiler as mine is 50 years old and only 73% efficent. 1300 sq foot ranch one zone with baseboard heat

    got three prices so far

    the company i buy my oil from says system 2000 for - out of the budget and out of the question...

    local oil guy can install a burnham v83 with a coil for hot water and he can install a burnham mpo is that includes a indirect hot water tank -

    is the mpo really that much better? i do plan to be in this house for at least 20 years or so

    Thanks very much

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    Read the rules. No pricing.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Read the sites rules first be fore you post.
    And don't ignore them after you read them.

    Indirect water heaters are not cheap tanks. So you will pay alot more for a boiler with an indiecrt them a tankless coil.

    An indirect will provide you will more DHW them the tankless coil in the V83
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    sorry about that didn't check the rules before i posted -

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