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    Smile Help!!!!!!!!!

    Im a hvac student and need to know, "what happens to the non-condensable gas once it is drawn into the sealed system?

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    It won't condense. You'll have high head, fluctuating pressures, loos of capacity, it may freeze if you have a restricted metering device, long term it may kill the compressor.
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    non condensables will collect in the condenser and lessen the system capacity,while also raising head pressure. moisture will be drawn through the system into the metering device and freeze up causing restriction and cappacity loss as well as causing acid that will eat the insulation from the motor windings and cuase a burn out and sludge. pull vacume to 250 microns or lower then break vacume with nitrgen and repull vacume to remove non condensables from all systems before charging.

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    alone with what has already been said
    Poe oil will absorb any moisture in the nocondensables and keep it causing a very short compressor life

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