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    lifetime warranty

    I'm having a 2 stage heat and AC system installed. I am choosing between an Amana system with lifetime compressor warranty and a Ruud system with 10 year compressor warrantee. Is it worth $900 to buy a system because it comes with lifetime compressor warrantee and 10 years labor?

    I figure that lifetime is a bit of a gimmick. Most people move before the compressor dies. $900 in the bank, would that pay for a compressor replacement?

    Ruud Achiever UARL - 16.9 SEER
    Amana ASX16 - 16 SEER
    Net cost difference is about $900.

    South Jersey

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    invest the 900 right it will more than pay for a compressor 10 yrs from now...

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    As a homeowner, the way I looked at this problem is to frame it in relation to the 10 year old system I am currently replacing which is 8 Seer. Even if that condensor could be fixed and my inside coil also replaced (both are now broken) I would not want the system. Lower utility bills and better comfort offered by newer systems are just too good to be ignored - so for me a lifetime in HVAC longer than 10 years is not a value.

    The "system" a lifetime warrented part is attached to is also something to consider. If the air handler/furnace and coil do not carry similar protection, how much value are you actually getting? As someone who tried hard to justify keeping a furnace still in good working order - I finally decided at ten years of age there were too many better reasons to change it out than to keep it.

    Lots of discussion here on Rudd vs amana vs others - so be sure make use of the advice already given.

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    The Amana factory warranty on the 16 SEER equipment (condensor/blower/coil) is lifetime on the Copeland scroll compressor, 10 years on everything else (parts only).

    This Amana® brand heating or air conditioning unit is warranted by Goodman Company, L.P. (“Goodman”) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and maintenance, as described below:

    • To the original owner and his or her spouse (“owner”), the COMPRESSOR is warranted for the owner’s LIFETIME or for so long as the owner owns the home in which the unit was originally installed (whichever ends first), and all remaining parts are warranted for a period of 10 YEARS, except as provided below. These warranties apply only if:

      1. The unit is installed in an owner-occupied, single family residence, and
      2. For lifetime warranty coverage on the compressor, the unit is installed with a new indoor coil or air handler to which it is properly matched by the installer, and
      3. The unit is properly registered with Goodman online within 60 days after the original installation. To register, follow the instructions found at

    • If the above warranties do not apply, then all parts, including the compressor, are warranted for a period of 5 YEARS.


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