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Thread: Dave Pomeroy

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    Dave Pomeroy

    Has anyone taken any of his courses? If so, what did you think? I am going to sign up for one of his courses next month and was wondering what you guys thought.

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    Dave Pomeroy

    I have taken a couple of Daves classes and they are very informative and helpfull! I would recomend his class to everyone who has the opportunity to attend one. EXCELENT!!

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    Dave Pomeroy IS the best in the industry. I have taken 3 of his gas classes and they are fantastic. He has all of the controlls and sytems set up in Zero Haliburton transit cases for demonstration. He does a great job of explaining somewhat obscure concepts such as "flame rectification". Yes, Dave's courses are worth 10 times what you'll pay for them.

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    I took a course recently from him and it was excellent.

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