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    Hands on test...

    We're in the process of hiring a stationary engineer. We are looking for strong AC and electrical background. The boss wants a "hands on" test of skills. One suggestion was to have the applicant check SC and SH on an air cooled chiller. I am not impressed with that suggestion and feel that this type of test is of little value.
    Has anyone used a hands on approach to finding the best qualified applicant?

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    They get hurt while doing this, your up the creek. I think your opening yourself and company up to liability issues should something happen.

    Are you paying them while they do this? It could become an issue if you don't hire them.

    Its not worth it IMHO.
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    How about a verbal exam. Have him stand at the unit and describe how he would go about checking SH and SC while pointing out where he would attach gauges and where he would take temps and why.

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    give the potential tech a log sheet of pressures/temperatures/amp draw/etc. ask him to tell you what is right/wrong with the unit. do not give him everything though...leave some info off and see if he asks for it. if he does ask, give him the correct info and see how he does.

    this is not exactly hands on, but i do it frequently over the phone as tech support. if he can do a good job with just a log sheet, he should do pretty well with hands on. then hire him/her as a temporary person for 90 days...if they do not like you, you don't like them, or it isn't quite what everyone strings attached.
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