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Thread: Trane vs Rudd

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    Trane vs Rudd

    I am planning to either get a Trane XB13 air conditioner and the Trane xr 80 furnace or the Rudd Model UAPC 14 SEER and the 80% Silhoutte II Gas Furnace. I would like to know which would be better. The Rudd is in total $700 more than the Trane.

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    I have heard some news about Compressor and TXV failure in Houston on the new Trane units, don't know it's supply house talk, but also I am a RUUD dealer so I am bias here I would go with the RUUD, but check out for yourself the info on the Trane TXV and Compressor failure because like I said supply house talk.
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    IMO, the question you should be asking is not which equipment is the one to choose, but which contractor is the one to choose. Let me explain:

    In HVAC, the equipment is only a part (and a minimal part) of the entire system. The installation is the key!!!!!!!!

    You see, the best equipment installed by someone that is not dedicated to quality (and they charge more BTW) will not work any better than 'bargain' (read that low bid) equipment installed the same way.

    What you need to look for is someone that takes pride in every install, and carefully attends to the little details.

    On the equipment side: I am a RUUD dealer, so I am partial. I was a Trane dealer, and do not really thing they have much to offer that RUUD does not.

    But still, focus on the installation, not the equipment. Best to you!

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    You aren't comparing like products!

    The XB13 is the "builder" model Trane 13 SEER. 5 year parts warranty, recip compressor uncovered in all but 3 & 5 ton.

    The RAPC is a 14 SEER deluxe unit. 10 year compressor warranty, 5 year parts. Copeland scroll compressor in every unit, most units have high & low pressure compressor protection and compressor start assist components. The Silhoutte II is a discontinued model. The UGPN Super Quiet 80 is the quietest single stage 80 on the market. Spark ignition so you don't have to replace hot surface ignitors.

    For a better comparison, have the Ruud dealer quote the 13AJA against the XB13. Should drop his price considerably. I'd suggest having the Trane dealer quote a 14 SEER deluxe unit to compete with the RAPC but he can't - his XR14 and XL14i can't get 14 SEER with a standard blower

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