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    Confused Affordable heating (radiant floor vs baseboard) with external wood/burner boiler

    I am heating a 52'x60' pole barn on a slab with a 2 floor residential strip (16'x60). I planned on radiant floor heating. I bought a Central Boiler e-Classic 3200 because I have 120 acres of hardwoods and lots of firewood. My mechanical subcontractor informed me he needs $ to install a back-up propane boiler (88,000 BTU), 2nd floor hydronic baseboard heaters and a boilermate to meet code and heat domestic water. I am now over-budget, and can't build. Central Boiler and the dealer will not exchange my e-Classic 3200 for a Maxim pellet burner with an automatic pellet hopper/loader that meets building code. My architect failed to advise effectively prior to buying the e-Classic 3200. Please advise on the least costly system, at least initially, to heat my house given the non-returnable external wood burner/boiler. I have electricity. but no natural gas. I must have a back-up boiler for the wood burner/boiler. Should I get all hydronic baseboard heaters and ditch the radiant floor heating? I read another thread that recommended cast iron radiators as an affordable and good option. I deeply appreciate any suggestions/help to get my family in a warm home that I can heat with my wood and work.
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