Lynnwood Apprentice Looking for Job.
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    Lynnwood Apprentice Looking for Job.

    Hello everyone. Nice to find a place where all the HVAC people hang out.

    I have been taking classes at the Ben Engleking HVAC/R school in Brier, WA. I have trained so far for residential AC and Heatpumps, with some refrigeration. I plan on taking residential gas furnaces in Sept.
    In the mean time I am looking for employment in the Everett/Lynnwood/Seattle area. I have my EPA Univeral license and am working on my 06 electrical.

    See ya around

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    My advice is to show up to a potential employer clean shaven and wearing a suit. i know this sounds far fetched but i have never been turned down for a job i have applied for that i was able to show up for in person. also portray confidence. employers like myself can sniff out confidence. I can't tell you how many people have walked up to me asking me for work standing in thier PJ's. (: A lot can be said about someone that is willing to work for a reduced rate to learn a trade. you have to understand that the employer is taking a risk and you will screw things up so he has to cover himself to stay in buisness. I would do exactly as so many have said and walk into the local shops wearing a suit and looking professional and exuding confidence. I would offer to work for a reduced rate which is important to buisness owners and state that you have all of the schooling and are just looking for the experience. State that you will work hard and show up to work when ever they need it. If you smoke don't do it before the interview, do it afterward. someone who doesn't smoke can be repulsed by cigarette smoke and that may be a turn off. State that you can start right away and are will to be flexible with your hours to get a start. Say you are a quick learner and are willing to get dirty to help the company out. all of these things will help you get the job. If they do offer you a job STAY OFF YOUR PHONE. employers are not happy with you texting and talking on the phone all day. get to work and don't call in. work sick if you have to. it will be a tough road for a little while but eventually you will get better and the money will get better as your technical skills get better. don't expect to make $80,000 out of the gates that will take time, but if you play your cards right and continue your education you can definetly get there before you know it. good luck

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    Ask Ben. He knows who is hiring. It's hard to find a full time position and has been around here for about 5 years oddly enough. But there are positions out there. Dress in your work uniform, clean and neat and visit some local companies. Also go to the two Johnstones, Gensco, and Grainger to see if they know of anyone hiring or even some names to contact. Ask the counter people - they are great and try to help as much as possible.

    When you go to individual companies ask for the service manager or owner and talk to them. Impressions go a long way. Secretaries are there to stop you at the door if they can. Most of the time you need to get past them and asking for the Service Manager or the owner will do it.

    Just don't give up. I'll bet soon you will have a few good lead.

    Good luck.
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    There are a ton of residential companies hiring right now in your area. Take a look at Craig's list.
    Blue Flame
    Ballard Natural gas
    Evergreen State
    C&C Olympic
    Washington Energy Sevices
    If you are working on your 06 you must be working for somebody. What kind of experience do you have?

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