Kingsman ZDV3620N making fluttering noise
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    Kingsman ZDV3620N making fluttering noise

    I was working on this model fireplace last week. The gas company was out and left a note with the homeowner saying that it needed a new gas valve. When I got to the call, I found that the unit was slow and erratic to light up, and that the pilot had to be lit by hand because the sparker was broken. When I turned it on, it made a loud metallic fluttering sound. I tapped on the valve and the burner, but could not stop the noise. I proceeded to replace the gas valve and pilot assembly, and now it lit promptly when the switch was flipped, and the pilot stayed on. However, it still made the noise, even after I adjusted the primary air shutter open and closed, and had cleaned the burner orifice several times. I have never worked on a fireplace - I just got sent to the call, and accepted the challenge to try to fix it, even with no experience on them at all.

    Anybody ever hear of this?

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    Sounds like maybe you have burn back, which is when the the gas lights coming right out of the orifice instead of on top of the burner. This can be caused by wind, improper log placement, ember placement, defective burner, improper air shutter, or wrong orifice sizes. Just having the glass off when you light the unit can cause this as air from the house rushes up the chimney, pulling the flame closer to the orifice causing it to light. You should really have someone that knows what they are doing with fireplaces looks at it.

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