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    Single phase voltage imbalance when air handler motor runs

    A freind of mine had air conditioning system in house changed to a new Rheem. The Rheem air handler appears to be VF and is 120 volt single phase. Voltage to neutral at supply to main double pole breaker for house reads 124 V on both legs. When new blower turns on, voltage on blower supply drops to 114 volts and voltage on other leg to neutral increases to 134 volts. How is this possible? Looks like a poor neutral connection would affect both legs in the same manner.

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    I have ran into a similar situation. In my case the ground or neutral wire coming from the pole had a bad connection. This caused the voltage to drop to 80 volts on one leg and increase to 160 volts on the other leg when checking hot to ground. But across the two hot legs I still had 240 volts. Something is wrong with the neutral either at the transformer or coming into the building.

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