I'm too old and done too many things so I'm starting over with something smaller and I hope more interesting.

I went to college and earned a whole bunch of degrees back 50 years ago, including three PhDs. Then I worked as an engineer for a while, wound up fooling with aircraft electrical and electronics, including freon heat pump passenger heating and cooling, on Boeing aircraft for a major airline, and finally decided to try rebuilding - buying - selling tug boats. After 40 years of that stuff I retired, but that was boring.

So I decided to get involved with the design and installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems a few years ago. I found out that most of the architects, engineers and contractors in the business don't really understand what they are doing and they make quite a few very fundamental mistakes. I also found out that most of the heat pump assemblers haven't given much thought to the design of their equipment and they just perpetuate the errors made by their predecessors. I also found out that virtually no one has attempted to design control systems that will make the best use of geothermal heat pumps.

By joining this forum and others I'm hoping to be able to stir up some collaborative thinking about these problems. Who knows, maybe I'll help to get something fixed.

Paul in the Hudson Valley.