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    Any difference in quality between Goodman's 13 SEER and 14/15 SEER condensers?

    I was just wondering whether anyone knew if there was any significant difference between the Goodman GSC130301A (13 SEER-line) and (14 SEER-line) GSC140301A R22 air conditioners.

    I read lots of chatter about avoiding the "bottom-end, builder-quality" AC units, but I'm not sure if both of these are "builder-quality" AC condensers, or if there is any significant difference between the two.

    I have my AC decision narrowed down to these models but the only published literature differences I see (aside from the SEER ratings) is that the 14 SEER line line is marginally quieter (3db) and it delivers 28,800 BTU cooling instead of 30,000 BTU cooling in the 2.5 ton size I am looking at.

    EDIT: One other difference I just saw: The 14 SEER model says it has a "High-efficiency Copeland Scroll Compressor with internal pressure relief valve", and the 13 SEER model says it has a "Energy-efficient Copeland compressor." That could mean the 13-series doesn't have a scroll compressor--but that seems unlikely...

    Anybody with field experience know of any real differences?

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    Last I knew, the GSH 1.5 to 3 ton were recip.

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    13seer is recip

    Thanks BaldLoonie. I found a website that says the 13 SEER is recip and the 14 SEER is scroll compressor, so I think that's right.

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