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    Standard Home Refrigerator

    I have a relative that has called me and said that inside of her refrigerator there is a puddle of water on the shelf every morning when she wakes up. She cleans it up every morning. If she goes a morning without cleaning it up the puddle will eventually freeze. I was wondering how could this water be getting in there?

    What temp. does a standard refrigerator run at?
    J. King

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    It needs a heat probe going from the defrost coil to the drain in the bottom of the freezer. A copper line or close hanger will do. newer fridges come with an aluminum wire that runs into the drain line but I have even seen those not work properly as aluminum dissipates heat to fast to work. in theory it works...But in reality at least with the fridges I have seen it doesn't It needs a better conductor to keep the drain line from freezing. Or the line could be clogged. If you take the freezer section apart after removing food there should be a block of ice in the bottom underneath the freezer bottom panel. The owner probably notices water dripping from the vent that leads in the refrigerator. What is happening is when in defrost it melts the ice that isn't able to go down the drain line (for whatever reason) and it overflows into that grate leading from the freezer into the refrigerator. Hence water on the crisper shelf.
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