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    First off I'm going to say, it's what you make it out to be. I'm getting ready to go to work for a Residential/Light Commercial union shop. This shop's signatory to the NSMA, which disregards the A, B & C card classifications of our union local and instead it bases off of the Journeyman (A Card). An C Card Service Tech which is our local classification for R/LC makes about $23/Hr. on the check. A Tradesman 3 under the NSMA which is also for R/LC makes about $31/Hr. I prefer union, but not only union, union using the NSMA!
    If you're under the employ of a non-union shop and they're taking good care of you, then you better be a lifer. Once you and that shop seperate say good bye to your health & welfare. Even if you have $100,000 in your retirement plan, you probably put $80,000 of it in yourself! What's the point of matching your contributions up to $1/Hr., if you're the one putting in $4/Hr. of your wage?! Even my future shop is going to be putting in $4.50/Hr. for me. At 40 hrs for 50 wks, that's $9,000 none of which will come out of my wage!! When deciding whether union or non-union, it comes down to economics, but a lot of you seem to have less mathematical skills than my youngest child.

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    So is the union still the best way to go or is the economy not right for it?

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    Don't know if it ever really was. Right now in this economy, a job union or not is the best way to go.

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    I've just gone over to the union side (UA local 250) and so far so good. My previous company was none union and really wasn't bad at all. However I wanted the training and classroom learning to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Went from $29/hr no bennies, no 401k, no holidays off to 1st year apprentice wages but I have so much more overall I'm very happy.
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