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    Trane error codes

    My client have a trane heat pump system, XR15 heat pump and a
    TAM4A0A24S21S air handler. The low pressure sensor shuts down the HP due to low pressure. Initially, I thought there was a leak until I realized that liquid line pressures was high. In fact, adding just a little additional freon(R410A) causes the high pressure sensor to shut the system down.

    The red flashing error code light on the air handler shows 10 flashes. I suspect the EEV(electronic expansion valve), sensor bulb or the controller is bad, thereby, restricting the freon flow and causing high pressure differential between the liquid and the suction line.

    However, there is no legend on the machine to translate the error codes. Their tech support nor website has not been very thankful. Any ideas?

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    Are you a contractor or a homeowner?

    We only give out technical info to pro members.

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    I am a contractor, over 25 years. I have the codes for Trane gas furnaces just not the air handlers.

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