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    Diagnosing Millivolt Systems...

    Hey all, I have a question for you. I dont work on Millivolt systems very often, and would like to get some pointers on how to check these systems properly.

    If I take my VDC reading with the pilot on, from generator lead to generator lead, while hooked up to the gas valve, I have 650 MV. When the stat is made, I drop to 250. Is this 250 the left over MV?

    Also, how do I check MV drop in a system, and what is the Max that you usually allow without repairing the resistance problem? Do I have to isolate the circuit? Can I take an ohm reading instead?


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    What is your profession? Are you professionally servicing a fireplace? Or fixing your own at your house?

    If you test from TP -> TH leads with VDC and turn the stat on you will see your MV loss, if it is high then there is a resistance problem. With the readings you are getting now though, the fireplace should be working fine.

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