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Thread: Fridge Lifespan

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    Fridge Lifespan

    Hi! Refrigerator = 7 year old Admiral LTF2112ARB; it's a old school top freezer with no fancy electronics. The compressor gets louder in the winter and a bit more every year. Otherwise, it works flawlessly. I've been told it's probably not worth replacing major parts on it. Could I get a few guesses on how long this might last????? I'm hoping to replace it before it costs me some food.

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    Keep the coils (inside and out) clean and it will last as long as reasonable.

    I have a Frigidaire side/side counter depth I bought used for 4 bills that is 17 years old in my home. Gets defrosted and cleaned every spring.

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    I have an old Frigidaire R12 chest freezer. My parents owned it when I was in high school in the 70's. It's in my unheated, not cooled garage working like a champ! It has never had a day off. Its like part of the family.

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    I have a 1962 Frigidere in my garage working fine moved it out of the house when we remodeled the kitchen 4 years ago. Don't expect a newer model to last that long.
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