PROMAX RG5410A Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Asking Price: $525.00
Condition: New in box
Shipping included!

I have a PROMAX RG5410A Refrigerant Recovery machine for the HVAC service tech.
It has not been used and is stilll in the box. Comes with a new 30lb DOT Tank.


- Recovers R410A and all other commonly used CFC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants
- Oil-less compressor is field serviceable
- Self-purge feature eliminates cross contamination
- Compact, lightweight, low cost
- Selectable high-pressure safety cutoff switches (400 or 550 PSI)
- All ratings are per ARI standard 740-98
- For automatic shutoff use H25-767 sensor upgrade accessory kit

I paid over $800 for this unit, we can make a good deal if you are one that needs this service machine.