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    Carrier 58SS120C gas furance flame out

    When heat is called for, the gas furnace will start the draft inducer fan, the spark ignitor with click away, the flames with start and then after 15 sec to one minute it will shut down. Then it will repeat and sometimes stay on until heat is no longer needed. I've seen it a few times shart and shut down for a while. Any suggestions for a fix? Also, after the flames start, the spark ignitor may continue clicking away for a while. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BriK View Post
    .Any suggestions for a fix? .Thanks.
    None you probably want to hear, your playing with gas here call a tech out it's a cheap peace of mind for your family's safety.
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    Please review the Forum Rules in my sig line. This is not a DIY site, please call a pro!

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