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    Just pickin your brains:

    I just came across a bunn coffee maker, it's a VPR with a warmer on top and below the filter holder.

    This thing works perfectly with no glitches and I would like to move it for what it's worth but I have never sold anything like this and wondered if you guys had and what should I try and get out of it? What do they cost new? All the good stuff.


    "I don't care what you could get it off the net for, they wont warranty it and neither will I"!

    And if you don't like my "flat rate up front pricing" try and negotiate the price on that big mac you just bought pricing is exactly the same method!

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    Check out ebay. There was several listed. Kinda gives you a ballpark on what they go for. Good luck!!!

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    Bunn VPR

    I have a 2003 list price catalog which says they go for 403$. Jeez, I know thats a four year old catalog, but they haven't sent me updated ones and I have an account with them

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