Looking for some assistance and guidance.
I presently have two (2) 23 year old condensors and air handling systems - one each 3 ton and 4 ton - that are in need of being replaced. I have had a couple of Lennox dealers to the house and am told that i can replace just the condensors with Lennox Air Flow 13ACD systems or I can opt to upgrade the condensors and air handlers with either a ACX 13 or Lenox Elite XC13.
I live in NH and run the system approximately 20 days per year so high efficiency is not really a play as the pay back would would probaly not come into play.
My question is
1. should I invest in just the condensors with the air handlers being 23 years old.
2. Upgrade the entire system in which case do i go the ACX13 price sensitive route or opt for the XC13 or xc14 system.

Your guidance is most appreciated as i am finding this process to be quite confusing and receiving too many paths with which to proceed.