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    Converting Horizontal Coil to Vertical upflow?????

    Hi all...

    Long story short...

    I fired my contractor for multiple screw ups at my expense. One of his screw ups was getting the wrong Evap coil.

    He purchased a horizontal coil when i need a upflow coil... Can i get the upflow drip pan to convert it... or am I S.O.L.?

    it is a Bryant Evap coil # CNPHP3617ACAABAA

    any help would be great


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    I don't believe that coil is convertible. When you hire your new contractor he may be able to exchange that coil for the proper one provided it has not been brazed in yet.
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    Sorry What heater said.

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    What's the serial number on it? I'm curious, because that is an older style coil. Where it is ACAA, the C stands for Copper. The next ones that don't leak have a T for Tin. Now they are all aluminum, I think they are ALA or something. I haven't paid much attention to the new model numbers since I don't deal with them much anymore.
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    Thanks for the replies... not really what i was hoping for, but i suppose i will try the exchange route...

    I will post up the serial number later, when i get a chance.... IIRCC, the MFR date was in 2010????? maybe 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bastard- View Post
    Hi all...

    Long story short......
    Appears could exchange for their common convertible seen before. NO? Call a distributor and ask for another and a couple dealers, I believe.
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    the serial number is has copper tubes,not sure about the fins. they look to be tin????

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