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    Cool txv for a 5 ton condenser

    Hi guys I am new to the forum, I just bought a house and the condenser is missing. I bought a 5 ton Goodman my house has a 5 ton coil can I use a 6 ton Danfoss txv?

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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    txv for a 5 ton condenser

    Why not use a 5 ton valve???

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    What does your HVAC professional suggest?

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    I dont have one and I am going to do this myself I have a little experience on hvac I have all my tools, and as for the valve this is what I have on hand. I would hate to order a new one, that's why I was wondering if I could use it.

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    there are a lot of 4 ton units with 5 ton coils for improved efficiency

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    Well, to do it right, a Home Energy Efficiency Audit/Rating with all cost-effective retro-work performed; then a home room by room heat gain/loss load-calc performed so the right amount of Btuh & CFM is delivered to each room, & the correct sized condenser could be installed.

    Whatever, size condenser it calls for, you'd use a TXV on the 5-Ton coil rated for that condenser's tonnage &, rated for the type of refrigerant, R-410a, or R-22.
    On extra high-seer systems a 5-Ton evaporator coil is sometimes used with considerably smaller tonnage condensers, therefore it might or, might not work okay. The TXV is always rated for the condenser's tonnage, plus the refrigerant type used.

    That refrigerant system was probably left open to air & moisture contamination; it will take a lot alternate purging with dry nitrogen & at least 3 deep evacuation pull downs to boil that moisture out of the entire system.

    You need a PRO that will do everything right or, sulfuric acid will form & destroy the compressor's motor winding insulation; down goes the system. It will cost you big-time if not done properly!

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    first off get rid of the goodman condensor! but if u dont get rid of it just buy a 5 ton goodman txv..not that can use the 6 ton txv if you know how to adjust it with the superheat and subcool settings....u'd be better off with a tech coming out to do i

    also the important evacuation of the lineset and coil the gentleman above spoke of

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    Thanks for your help.

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