Greetings all! My first post here (I'm kinda new at this).

I've been asked to look at our church's ice machine (a Scotsman CME256). I pretty much a novice at this but feel obligated to look into it. Here's what i was told.
1. The water diagnostic light is flashing twice
2. The unit can be reset and it will produce one batch of ice but after that, nothing.

I checked the inlet water valve flow and it took about a minute to fill up a small styrofoam cup (8 oz?). It seems to have just a trickle. I check the inlet screen and it's clear. I do not see any other restriction in the line.

My question: Does it sound like the valve is the culprit? Not being an expert on these things it seems to me there is maybe enough water in the reservoir for one batch of ice but after that the flow is so slow it is not filling up. If anybody can comment on this please do.