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    Bad Flex Install

    I moved into a home (built in the 50's) that had the HVAC recently repaired. Originally (and by error), the owner had one of the returns coming from a opening a vented crawl space. The furnace filter for this return was just jammed against the blower wheel. See photo 1. The system had been running like this for years & with the filter hidden in the blower compartment, it hadn't been changed in years.

    I made complaints to local code enforcement so landlord finally removed the return from the crawl space and replaced the ducts, but now it looks like a fire hazard. The original flex is jammed against the new duct and jammed against the drain line. Isn't this against code?

    Was going to request an inspection from the gas company today. Any thoughts?Name:  IMG_00000133.jpg
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    Here's the images again.Name:  IMG_00000133.jpg
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    I assume you are a renter? And you're calling the local code folks over this property? Unless I'm crazy, I'd recommend you also look for another place to live and make sure and check the mechanical system BEFORE you rent it. This all looks shoddy, but you'll not be on good terms calling in the code folks on this landlord and you may find yourself without a place to live. If the code folks find enough problems, they can tag the property and you'll have to move. Just a thought anyway. Make sure you have working CO and smoke detectors and good luck.

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    Yes, I am a Renter. In CA, if you're a Renter, you call the local code enforcement officers if the landlord refuses to make repairs (which he did refuse). The repairs referenced above were made on the last day before he got fined (to the very last day). Anyway, I don't have any problem moving due to poor treatment that I received, I just wanted an expert's opinion on the flex....I had never seen one so twisted and without clearance.

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    I would move anyway. What will it take for the next thing that goes wrong to get fixed with the history you've experienced with your present landlord?
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    I'm not seeing the problem in the pictures.

    I see that filter setup in maybe 30% of homes, and came like it from the factory.

    As for the gas line pressing against the flex, that's not a big deal.

    I forsee you getting booted from the property at first chance by your landlord, so I wouldn't start moving things in.
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