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    I just love HOs that

    can't figure out how to use the fancy stat they ordered and claim the installer never left the instructions. And then finding the instructions in the box that the stat came in, in the closet.

    This is after replacing the Home Depot stat that the monkey said would work with their heat pump. You know the story, "The Home Deopt guy said it would work, and I believe him and not you."

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    I love going out to the calls where the HO tried replacing the t-stat themselves and blew the transformer and new stat up and telling them how much it is going to be to fix everything. And when they ask how much it would be if they had let me do it in the first place, and I tell them half of what it is now.
    Poor planning on your part doesn’t necessarily constitute an emergency on my part.

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    Sometimes it's the icing on the cake.
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